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Dublin - November, 2004

When Horslips released their first single - Johnny's Wedding - on St Patrick's Day in 1972 and followed it up with the album Happy To Meet, Sorry To Part that same Christmas they turned rock music in Ireland on its head. The band's fusion of traditional Irish tunes with original lyrics and driving rock rhythms served them well through no fewer than twelve albums of which the best known are probably The Táin, The Book Of Invasions and The Man Who Built America.

By the time they finished touring in October 1980 the band - Eamon Carr, Barry Devlin, John Fean, Jim Lockhart and Charles O' Connor - had entertained an entire generation of Irish kids. But it wasn't just the ballrooms of Ireland that rocked to the Dancehall Sweethearts. Horslips toured ceaselessly in Britain, Europe and America, their last US tour taking place in the spring of 1980. Today all albums continue to sell well and the band's anthemic single Dearg Doom is known to a whole generation of clubbers who weren't even thought of when Horslips was in its pomp.

So why did the band go back into studio in Grouse Lodge this summer and put down fifteen tracks for Rollback the first new Horslips release in almost 30 years?

<>Jim Lockhart, Horslips flautist and keyboards player explains. "It's kind of an unplugged album. We were always pretty loud and on the nail, cos we were hugely into performance. But when we were writing these songs all those years ago, they all had other possibilities, other ways they might have developed, other musical paths they might have taken. And we've explored those this time round. So for instance, The Man Who Built America has reverted to the waltz time in which it was originally written, Trouble is a skinny blues lurch.. and so on."

Charles O' Connor, the band's fiddle, mandolin and concertina player says: "It's been extraordinarily exciting for us to get back together and revisit and re explore these tunes. We hope that comes across on the album.."

Rollback is set for release on November 26 and features 15 tracks + Bonus 4 Track Enhanced CD + 16 Page Booklet. The DVD Return Of The Dancehall Sweethearts - a history of the band through its entire career from 1970 to 1980 - is due for release early next year.

For more information, contact: Entertainment Architects - 01-219-4661

20th March 2004 - Horslips Exhibition in Londonderry, N.I. Here's the Belfast Telegraph Article about it:-

Monday, march 22 - almost exactly 32 years after the release of Horslips first single, Johnny's Wedding, - sees an exhibition of horslips memorabilia open in the Orchard Gallery, under St Columb's Hall theatre in Derry, where the band played exactly 30 years ago.

The exhibition is being mounted and curated by Jim Nelis, technical manager at the Millennium Forum Theatre, assisted by Stephen Ferris, Ballymena and Paul Callaghan from Kingscourt, Co Cavan.

Jim said: "I used to go to all the band's gigs in the area when I was a kid. I had all the albums and I'd blag posters and articles. I even got some of the tour jackets. Eventually I had more stuff about the band than they did. And I thought Why not put it on show?"

Putting it on show has involved amassing items as diverse as Japanese and Russian lyric sheets, rare single issues, plectrums, tour jackets, guitars

"Barry Devlin's green starburst shamrock guitar is a standout item," according to Jim who added: "The band are coming up to the exhibition to see it for themselves. Charles O' Connor is making his way over from Whitby where he now lives. The others are coming up from Dublin. There's no gig planned or anything like that, but once they're together in the same room, who knows? "

Entrance is free, though there is a discretionary donation for a local charity. The exhibition will run until Friday April 2 from 10am to 5pm daily except Sunday.


The following comment is from Jim Lockhart - taken from the official site guestbook.

Comment by Jim Lockhart - "The reunion doesn't exist outside the columns of the Ulster News, so ye can go aisy on the bus pass. If it was indeed happening, rest assured we'd be making noise about it"

20th April 2002 - Got the following in From Adrian Monaghan. It was in the Ulster News Letter (19/04/2002);


Rock icons Horslips are to make a comeback.

The Irish 70s group, who had fans all over the world, have agreed to reform for a gig at a north-west resort this summer. Johnny Fean, Charles O`Connor and Barry Devlin were all looking forward to getting back together again live on stage at the Buncrana Festival.

They had previously attempted to make a comeback in the 80`s but they were unable to use the groups name. Now those difficulties have been resolved.

At Buncrana, they`re expected to play many of the hits from their classic albums The Book Of Invasions, The Tain and The Man Who Built America.

20th November 2001 - Added a new page of photos (photos 3). These are from stuff sent to me by Mike Jacob.

15th November 2001 - The Best of Horslips has been released - buy it from the Goodies page on the official site.

2rd September 2001 - Added a new mailing List as the old Listbot was discontinued.

2nd March 2001 - Added a link to Neil fairbairn's photos in PHOTOS. All the remastered albums have now been released - you can buy them from the Goodies page on the official site. The band were back in Charles' studio working on some new stuff. The guestbook on the official site has details.

8th February 2001 - Added a Newsletter from the Old FUNKY FUN CLUB. It's in the FAN CLUB link. Almost all the albums have been remastered and released now. Head over to the official site for more details.

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31st August - Aliens and Book of Invasions have now been released - details on the Official Site. MUSE ( have a great article on Horslips at

27th April - Added Barry Devlin's BBC interview Shamrock and Roll (SHAMROCK). Added Single and Album cover photos - and more recent pictures of Johnny and Charles (PHOTOS). Added review of Angel on the Mantlepiece (REVIEWS).

26th April - Added that Charles O'Connor posted a message on the Official site (April 23rd) that he has finished the re-design of the covers for Happy to Meet and the Tain. The CDs should be released next month.

3rd April - Added that Barry Devlin was on a panel on a talk show on Today FM yesterday (Sunday).He confirmed that the lads are indeed currently recording an unplugged album. He also said that they were looking for tenders not to release this album

31st March - Added referenece to Barry Devlin's possibility of an Unplugged album and the debate on the best and worst songs over on the official site's guestbook

20th March - Added DAVID CREEDON'S Photos. Go to PHOTOS page and follow the link. Added LIPSTICK photo to PHOTOS - 2 page

9th March - Stephen Ferris sent in this information:- "I phoned the Holyrood Hotel (00 353 72 41232) today 9/3/2000. A group sounding like "boxdy" are playing the Holyrood on the 17th, while Brush Shields is playing on the 18th".

So unless we hear anything else to the contrary, I guess that rumour just died.

Well, it sure got the old pulse racing for a while ;-)

8th March 2000 - Regarding the "Horslips" gig on March 18th in Bundoran. It seems Charles O'Connor says that this is not the real Horslips. The Holyrood Hotel, Bundoran is where the gig is on and they say otherwise. Interesting... I can't see some other group calling themselves Horslips and hoping to get away with it...cound there be dissension in the ranks?????? Big fight behind the handball alleys at lunchtime as we used to say at school........ There was also a programme on RTE1 (7th March ) called From a Whisper to a Scream. It documents Irish rock stars from the 60's to now. The trailer for the programme shows a few seconds of Horslips.

If anyone has any more info, please let me know.

7th March 2000 - A message in the Guestbook says that 3 of the band were performing in Bundoran on 18th March. If anyone goes to the gig and takes some photos or wants to write a review of the set then please send me copies and I'll stick up a page and credit you on it. Also if anyone has any more info on who will be playing, please let me know and I'll post the information.

1st March 2000 - Added new page HOT PRESS containing the full article and pictures from The Hot Press magazine from around 1980. This was an interview with Barry Devlin regarding the success and failure of Horslips and offers a great insight on the band

I finally added the link to the official Horslips site. It has been live for some time now, although they don't seem to be updating it. It's pretty slick and is a must visit for any fan. Many people asked why I haven't linked to it before. Well, there are a number of reasons. One was I was actually waiting for some news or something special like a gig or CD to make a splash for it, but nothing. Another was to do with the boys themselves, but..........well, another time maybe.

Well, I think it's safe to say there won't be a Millenium Reunion Concert... However, if current rumours are to believed they will play again......... more when I get details. If you are looking for any of the CDs go check out

They have a great selection and at a good price. They also say that a CD called 'Ultimate Irish Folk Rock' will be released 31st December. No further information as to what tracks are on it.

After a long running legal battle Horslips have re-aquired the rights to their own albums. Expect to see their back catalogue being re-released.

Regarding the rumour that the band would reform for a Millenium concert (see MISC page), I had an e-mail from Charles O' Connor with a tantalising "Yes we will return!" at the end................ Keep those fingers crossed !!!!!

If anyone has anything, then please e-mail me at :-


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