On this page I hope to post miscellaneous information on the band or anything relevant to Horslips.

I'll try to answer the questions here using the best of the information I have found. If anyone can improve on this with additions or corrections, please contact me at :-


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The main questions many people have asked are :- Why did Horslips split up and what happened to the members? The Break Up is fairly well covered in the HISTORY page so I'll concentrate more on what happened after the split.


So what happened to them all in the intervening years. I believe the following Information is reasonably accurate.

Johnny Fean(Electric and acoustic guitar and vocals)

Johnny later worked together with Eamon Carr in an R&B-based band called Zen Alligators before reuniting with Charles O'Connor in order to pursue the folk path still further in a band called Host. Host were very much a rock band. And their only album "Tryal" sounded like a continuation of where the last Horslips studio album seemed to be headed. The band comprised Johnny Fean, Charles O'Connor and Eamon Carr. along with bassist Chris Page and keyboardist Peter Keenan. One of the album tracks (Walk on love) was also released as a single, with otherwise unreleased "The Long Walk" as the B-side. He also recorded with Nikki Sudden and Simon Carmody on an album called "The last bandits in the world". Last year (1998) he played around Ireland with a band (I believe was called Legend) in the "Spirt of Horslips Tour".

Barry Devlin (Bass guitar and vocals)

Barry is now a successful writer and director. His movies include "All Things Bright and Beautiful" for the Good Film Company. He has directed several U2 videos and recently wrote the special "U2 a Year in Pop" for ABC. He also released a solo album called "Breaking star codes". He has produced two albums for Irish heavy rockers Mama's Boys, who were all dedicated Horslips fans.

Charles O'Connor (Electric and acoustic fiddle, mandolin, concertina & vocals)

Charles was the Producer on the album "Fingers of Fun" by the group More Power to Your Elbow in 1996 and also released an album "Angel on the Mantlepiece" with Paul Whittaker in the same year. I can't track him since then. The string arrangement on a track on the new Lal Waterson CD is by one Charles O'Connor. I don't know for certain if this is him or not.

Eamon Carr (Drums, bodhran, percussion and vocals)

Eamon was the Producer on a number of The Golden Horde recordings between 1983 and 1986 and played drums on their Novelty Single - "A 100,000 Welcomes for Boy George!" as 'The Saints & Scholars" in 1984. He was also a DJ for a while around 1990. He now works as a journalist and music critic for the (Dublin) Evening Herald.

Jim Lockhart (Keyboard, concert flute and vocals)

Jim is Head of Radio Production in 2FM (RTE 2 - Ireland's national radio station).

REUNION ??????

The final question people ask is :- Is there any chance of a reunion ?

It seems that Eamon Carr suggested it when they met after the conclusion of the legal battle of the rights to their music. At present it is just a rumor.

If anyone can fill in any of the gaps, I'd be very grateful if they let me know.


I've had the origin of the name confirmed.

The band was stuck for a name prior to their first television appearance, and while many names were tried, none seemed to fit. Someone suggested "the four horsemen of the Apocalypse", to which the response was; "more like the four poxmen of the Horselips" and the name stuck, albeit in its shorter form.


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